I am Mari, a blogger and proud mother-of-three: Lilli (* August 2009), Lotte (* February 2012) and Tom (* January 2015) . Born in Kiel, Germany in 1986 I could never really bring myself to leave my home which is why we built our little family house in Schoenberg near Kiel; at the Baltic Sea. In fact the sea is an important element in our lives – we just need to be near it.

As a mum I experience new adventures every day. No one day matches the next. Lilli, Lotte and Tom always cater for new experiences, emotions and impressions. Our everyday life is full of surprises, dreams and creativity. Together we want to discover the world and simultaneously let the world take part in our lives near the sea.

Part of the family is also my husband and father of our children, Micha – my better half. Without him most things would never work as well as they do. He is a naval engineer, full-time dad and blogger-assistant all in one. We met in November 2006 and are happily married since December 2008.

My blog “Baby, Kind und Meer” (transl. “Baby, child and the sea/more” – “Meer” being a wordplay on “sea” and “more”) went online on 1st of July 2012. It was, at first, a small family blog mainly targeted at family and friends but it started to grow over the years. Before I knew what was happening I had over a 1000 readers per month. My blog and social media presence demanded more and more of my time and attention and has since developed into a full-time job.

This was not my first time writing however – I have always been an author actually. I have written and published books, short stories, poetry, screen-plays for TV shows and guest articles for several websites – I just love writing! As long as I can remember it has been my dream to reach and touch people with my thoughts and words while being able to live from my work.

Now I would like to invite you to have a look at “Baby, Kind und Meer” – have fun!

Every day is an adventure!