I would like to start my own blog – how and where do I start?

It isn’t actually too hard to start your own blog. There are a number of free providers for blog sites who offer a selection of pre-prepared themes you can adapt to your needs. However first you will need an idea, a topic, a lot of inspiration and a good name for your blog!

How did you build such a big audience?

This is a question I hear quite a lot actually, but I still don’t have a perfect answer to it yet. I always posted my blogs regularly and often and was simultaneously very active on other blog sites. “Baby, Kind und Meer” grew slowly but steadily in the beginning – when exactly my audience grew so large is hard to say. Suddenly I had an astonishing number of regular readers and my audience grew by the hundreds each day! Additionally I have always been myself on my blog; I continuously developed and implemented unique ideas and concepts.

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Do you have any tips for successful blogging?

I believe you should only blog about topics you are interested in and have fun doing yourself. That is the only way to remain authentic in my opinion. Additionally there are a couple of traits you should bring if you want to blog successfully: a lot of discipline, plenty of endurance, strong nerves, a big chunk of creativity and individualism.

(You can read more about it in one of my blogposts: click)

Could you please write about my product? What would I need to do for you to write about it?

Please just send me an E-Mail with your proposal and idea and I’ll get back to you. Thank you!

Can I get to know you and your family personally?

I find it incredibly wonderful and flattering when readers approach me on the street and I am happy to have a chat with anybody that does so. Therefore: Please do not be shy about approaching me when you see me around. However unfortunately I am unable to arrange personal meetings with readers due to time constraints and our wish to protect our privacy outside the blog life.

I want to do a holiday at the (German) Baltic Sea – do you have any tips for accommodation, restaurants, shops and cafes?

I would love to give you great suggestions and tips, believe me! I should really do some research and investigate and blog about it someday. However the fact of the matter is that because I live here I have never really dealt with options for accommodation. Additionally we all have different tastes with regards to restaurants, shopping and cafes which makes it hard to recommend anything to you.

Why was my comment removed?

„Baby Kind und Meer“ is supposed to be a positive place; a room to inspire and encourage exchange. It is very important to us that we sustain this fundamental idea of a positive space for thoughts and ideas. We are not oppose to constructive criticism and debate, but if a comment is abusive, hurtful or out of context we will remove it.

Can I send you a personal E-Mail?

Of course you can! I love receiving E-Mails from readers and you can send them here. However please be aware that I might not be able to answer every E-Mail I receive. This is also the reason for this FAQ section where I answer questions I often get from readers in one place. I receive a lot of E-Mails from readers every day which simply makes it impossible for me to answer them all. With my job, the house and the everyday madness attached to having three kids I just don’t have the time to spare. I hope you can understand and please be assured that I do read all my E-Mails and I am grateful for every single one containing your personal thoughts and feelings.